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The Economy

The Economy:

The Massachusetts economy will turn around when our state government implements policies that promote the growth of small businesses; holds bankers and big businesses accountable for their action; and creates incentives for job creation.  In the past decade many small businesses have been reluctant to create new jobs because of rising health care costs.  In Massachusetts, taxes have increased despite the fact that the people voted overwhelmingly for lower taxes.  

Our state government must responsibly cut costs today so that it can thoughtfully invest in our future.  While eradicating waste is an essential goal, our state government cannot cut cost from its fundamental responsibility of: education, public safety and infrastructure. 


I will work towards restoring and creating jobs in Southeastern Massachusetts by:

• Advocating to make New Bedford the home port for the Cape Wind Project.
• Promoting continued strong support at the state and federal levels for the planned commuter rail to Southeastern Massachusetts.
• Assisting local agencies and programs that promote and keep high tech companies in Southeastern Massachusetts.
• Supporting the local fishing industry by assisting the fight against the arbitrary federal government fishing regulations.
• Setting policies and programs in place that encourage good companies to relocate or expand facilities the affordable property in the New Bedford Industrial Park and Dartmouth Energy Park.

Fiscal Responsibility:

I will work towards protecting the hard earned tax dollars of every citizen and our future citizens.  If the government can control costs, it will ease our tax burden and create new private sector jobs.  I will do this by:

• Supporting programs which assist local governments trying to lower the cost of insurance premiums for employees.
• Providing government employees with incentives to look elsewhere for health insurance.
• Supporting the elimination of excessive and unjust pension payouts.
• Promoting real ethics reform based on transparency and openness that keep the next generation in mind, instead of the next election.

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