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Local Aid

Every city and town relies upon state aid to help run their schools and public safety departments.  The available funds have dramatically decreased in the past several years, reflecting the decline in tax revenues.  Restoring jobs in Massachusetts will reverse this decline and broaden the tax base by increasing the number of people paying taxes.  Small businesses are key in kick-starting this increase in jobs.

Additionally, in many towns the state occupies acres of land tax free.  The towns must be compensated by the state for the many public services provided by the town to the state without fair compensation.  As such, we must continue the fight to change to the local aid formula, and fight for increased payments in lieu of taxes.

At the same time, we must also encourage our local governments to initiate cost cutting measures by providing incentives for those who cut costs without reducing the quality of education and public service.     

I will work hard to create a balance of funding and spending that works best for our community.  This includes advocating for southeastern Massachusetts, by increasing statewide revenue through efforts to create jobs locally, and ensuring that the system used to distribute existing funds recognizes and rewards our towns fairly for services they provided.

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