House Funds County Correctional Officers

House Funds County Correctional Officers

Cost of living increase brings them in line with other counties

The members of the Bristol County Legislative Delegation today announced that they have successfully increased the salaries of the Bristol County Correctional Officers as part of a supplemental budget approved by the House of Representatives. According to Rep. Patricia A. Haddad (D-Somerset), House Speaker Pro Tempore, “these funds will adjust the county correctional officer’s salaries in order that they will be on par with their colleagues throughout the state. We have worked very hard as a delegation to have this measure approved amounting to $ 1,600,000. This has been a long time coming.”  Bristol County Correctional Officers are the lowest paid in the Commonwealth.

“I am pleased to have worked with my Bristol County legislative colleagues in a bi-partisan manner to ensure that this vital funding was secured,” said Representative Elizabeth A. Poirier (R-North Attleborough), Third Assistant Minority Leader. “This money will go a long way in making certain that correctional officers in Bristol County receive fair and just compensation for their jobs.”

The budget effort, involving all of the county’s legislators, provides that the sheriff submit a compensation spending plan to the House and Senate Committees on Ways and Means as well as to the Executive Office of Administration and Finance. The plan must detail the disbursement of the funds to the correctional officers and the money can only be used to fund the correctional officers.

In making today’s joint announcement State Representative Christopher Markey ( D-Dartmouth) stated, “This supplemental budget goes a long way towards addressing the woefully inadequate salaries of the Bristol County Corrections Officers, giving them something closer to a level playing field.  The struggle by our local delegation has always been for a fair deal, and I’m very pleased to know that these hardworking men and women will finally get that.”

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